Plot No.1 & 2, Bhumiraj Costarica Building 404, Palm Beach Rd, Sector 18, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai.


Fashion design students are capable of independently building and asserting their own identity or by associating with Export Houses, Design Studios and Retail and Fashion Houses. A Fashion Designer is a versatile & creative professional who can eventually diversify into other design professions based on a specific interest or specialization.


1.Diploma in Fashion Design (1 year)

2.Diploma in Advance Fashion Design & Apparel Manufacturing (2 years)

3.Diploma in Apparel Manufacturing . (1 year)


1.Certificate in Fashion Design. (6 months)

2.Certificate in Fashion Styling. (6 months)

3.Certificate in Accessory Designing. (6 months)

4.Textile Designing. (6 months)

5.Pattern Drafting and Apparel Manufacturing. (6 months)

6.Draping and High Fashion Manufacturing. (6 months)

7.Computer Aided Fashion Designing. (4 months)

8.Creative Hand Embroidery. (4 months)

Diploma in Interior Designing:

Diploma in interior Design (1 year)

Diploma in interior Design (2 years)